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Study Skills – 6th Grade

Math – Test on Friday, 9/16, on integers.

Writing Mechanics– Test on Friday, 9/16, on prepositions and interjections.  Everyone should have a completed copy of the mock test.

Bring to class-something you enjoy doing (a quiet activity!) for days when you have truly completed all homework and have no upcoming tests for which you need to study.  Examples:  a good book, a coloring book, a crossword puzzle book, word search book, etc.  You can leave it in our classroom or keep it in your backpack.

Upcoming……just a guess here, but a Charlotte Doyle quiz may be on the horizon.  If you want to get ahead this weekend, review your questions and answers from the chapters you have read.


Class Schedule

Study Skills – 6th Grade

Week of September 12

  • Prepare for Science test (Tuesday)
  • Prepare for Math test (Friday)
  • Prepare for Writing Mechanics test (Friday)
  • Discuss potential upcoming Charlotte Doyle quiz