About Mrs. Jeanne


Mrs. Jeanne lived in Greenville, SC for ten years and recently moved to the Pawleys Island area to experience the daily beauty of the coast. Her favorite medium is watercolor. She is best known for her portraits of homes and pets and children’s paintings for baby nurseries. She lives with her husband of eleven years and has two sweet daughters, Ashley and Chloe.  Ashley is in Mrs. Ferguson’s class and Chloe is in Mrs. Kimbrough’s class this year.

Classroom Missions

My Classroom Mission is to always be kind, to try your best, and to not be afraid of making a mistake! (and it’s OK to color outside the lines)inlet watercolor


More Information Coming Soon:

Look out for items to donate and information on the the Fall Art Show!

Baby Turtle


Baby Turtle

Homework: Create something every day! It could be a poem, a recipe, a painting, a piano song… etc…

Class Schedule


K3/K4  8:15-8:45

K5 9:00-9:45

1st 10:00-10:45

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